Do you have appliance packages available?

We do have packages available to purchase when you go with the property management and we could always refer you to pay for furniture packages down there.

Can you see the ocean from the residence?

Caney residences penthouses have spectacular 180 ocean line views!
Despite the fact that This is a downtown area apartment, complex high-level floors have breathtaking ocean views. The beach is seven minutes away, caney residences is centraly located in the heart of bavaro city in intermediate proximity to the downtown area close to the commercial areas and fifteen minutes away from the airport.Offering our buyers the opportunity to live the experience of a local and a tourist at the same time.

Once the units are built, and I already have the keys to the property, how long do I have to wait to sell it?

As long as you have paid the entire amount you can sell it the same day.

Can an owner transfer the assignment to another person?

It can be assigned before the construction is final, you assign it, but you are responsible for paying for it. In simplified words, you can assign it to another person but not transfer the obligation of the payments.

How is the weather in Punta Cana?

It is almost always warm and sunny in Punta Cana, with average year-round temperatures averaging 28 degrees Celsius (or 82.4 degrees Fahrenheit). With the exception of the rainy season (September – October) when it may rain on and off, for slightly longer periods.
Historically in the Dominican Republic, most hurricanes occur between September 10th to the 24th. However, the chances of one impacting the East Coast, especially Punta Cana, are very slim. That is because of the 30+ miles of Coral Reef that protect the eastern coastline, acting like a wall underwater.
Since 1894, the entire country of the Dominican Republic has only had 14 hurricanes with land effects. Only four Hurricanes have slightly affected the Punta Canas tourist areas (Hortense 1996, Jeanne 2004, Maria 2017, and Fiona 2022).

Do I need property insurance in Dominican Republic?

It is important to note that property insurance is not a legal requirement in the Dominican Republic, however, it is available for the protection of your investment. There are various companies that offer property insurance services, with an average annual cost of around $900 for a 800sq-ft condominium.
At Caney Residences, we can provide you with a list of reputable insurance companies to choose from.
What factors make this project better than others?
When it comes to finding the perfect home, it all comes down to what you're looking for and what you're willing to spend. This project in particular has the great combinations of all the must-haves on your list! It is in a great location, close to the city center, Beach and the airport. It is affordable compared to other projects in the area and will not break your budget, even better, your dollar has more value because you get more square footage for your buck. Caney is a community with tons of amenities like a common grill area, a fitness center, a Mini-market on-premises, a kids' play area, and pools for both adults and kids. And the best part? Every unit has access to all of these amenities.